Specialized care and proper maintenance of a home is how a house becomes an heirloom. Our Estate Care Program covers a wide range of services such as maintaining security alarms and systems, lighting and timers, heating and cooling systems including sprinklers, seasonal preparation and winterization including snow/ice damage prevention and repair, audio/visual management, pool and spa services, and landscaping. Additionally, we are depended upon to assist with smaller requests such as art placement, airport drop-off/pick-up, and all other anticipated needs in order to provide client convenience. 

Our Estate Care Program ensures the preservation of your home’s high quality and craftsmanship with first-class support. We understand the importance of retaining your home’s condition so that it maintains its value—as a cherished keepsake for future generations.

Estate Care


To properly assemble a sound Estate Care Plan, our team aims to learn every detail about the property and client's lifestyle to assess and determine projected needs. Our Estate Care Director personally visits the property multiple times to conduct extensive walkthroughs of the premises with the client, allowing us to become completely familiar with all the property's basic and specialized features.

Estate Care


An Estate Care Plan, including a tailor-made checklist and inspection schedule, is devised to correspond with the home’s unique features, client requests, and our recommendations. Your Estate Care Plan is customized specifically to your home, and it can be altered at any time to include new additions, special requests, and any other details requiring our attention.

Estate Care


Every property is different with its own client-determined areas of special attention. We adhere to the checkpoints featured in every customized Estate Care Plan when it comes to particular services as well as frequency. Our Account Managers offer complimentary calls preceding inclement weather as part of our preventative maintenance care.


ON CALL 24/7

Our Estate Care Team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for any questions, issues, and emergencies. In the event of an emergency, an Account Manager will be notified and a trusted Estate Care Team member will be dispatched to your property to assess and coordinate proper assistance.