Our repertoire of services and projects extends beyond building homes, and we are well versed in a diverse range of specialties. Peruse our popularly requested services to decide which best suit the trajectory of your vision. Our assistance, expertise, and capabilities correspond with the limitless potential of your imagination.



Although each home we build is highly customized and distinguished, unwavering quality is identical for all. Our team and all partners work holistically and adhere to a building schedule with strict deadlines and checkpoints to ensure timely and accurate occupancy dates. Attention to detail is built into our process, eliminating all opportunity for error.



All C.H. Newton homes are unique; therefore, each home requires a tailored plan for regular maintenance and preventative care. In addition to a customized checklist assuring we address all aspects of your property, our Estate Care On-Call team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee secure management. To learn more extensively about the services and requests handled by our Estate Care Program, please visit our designated page here.



The New England region contains a diverse cross-section of historically significant architecture. As a byproduct of our location, we’ve become experts in historical restoration work. If your goal is to completely restore a structure, and even construct a brand new addition, we can work within the boundaries of the historic district to achieve a thoughtful interpretation with modern utility.



C.H. Newton considers architectural millwork to be the unique fingerprint of a fine home. With state of the art equipment, the finest woods and materials available, and over 40 years experience, our expert craftsmen and carpenters create breathtaking heirloom pieces seamlessly integrated into the architecture and style.



For your convenience and to ensure total accuracy, C.H. Newton handles every facet of the building process, including the preliminary planning stages before construction. Acquisition of all necessary permits, whether they are zoning, historical, or conservation, signing and arranging subcontractors, finalizing budgets, and preparing the site for construction are all handled by our knowledgeable team.



Matching every detail to your exact vision is what turns an exquisite house into your home. C.H. Newton is as renowned for our expertise in what we consider “special projects” as we are in building and restoration. Equestrian facilities, custom swing sets, wine cellars, pools & spas, architectural outdoor showers, and audio/visual smart home integration are only a few examples of our past custom projects.